What are some alternatives to the Balanced Scorecard? I see things out there like EFQM, Fourth-Generation BSC, etc., and wondered how they compared to the "basic" Kaplan-Norton Balanced Scorecard.

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I think there are many decent point solutions

Project, Program, and Portfolio management - for managing, prioritizing, and executing on particular initiatives.

Six Sigma and TQM for improving processes

EVA and ABC for looking at processes and Lines of Business.

I just don't think you will find a better solution for comprehensively managing strategy than the BSC. The BSC is a framework that will allow you to flexibly integrate other approaches as well.

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You can find answers to these questions in the resources section of the 2GC web site.

Regarding EFQM (and other Quality Management tools) linking to Balanced Scorecard have a look at the paper:

The Balanced Scorecard vs. the EFQM Business Excellence Model http://www.2gc.co.uk/resources-papers#ixzz0jkG5wBGe

Look under the 'links to other frameworks' tab on this page for papers also on Balanced Scorecard links to Risk Management, TQM, and Intellectual Capital.

For a discussion about how Balanced Scorecard has evolved and developed since the original K&N papers in 1992, have a look at the paper:

Evolution of the 3rd Generation Balanced Scorecard http://www.2gc.co.uk/resources-papers#ixzz0jkGn5kIP

Look under the 'Balanced Scorecard Theory' tab for this, and a couple of other relevant papers.

Alternatively, have a look at our popular presentations section - which has some slide packs you can download. For example this presentation gives a general overview of what Balanced Scorecard is and how it fits into the wider tools domain.

Performance Management & the 3rd Generation Balanced Scorecard http://www.2gc.co.uk/resources-presentations#ixzz0jkHCdvUy


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