What should be on the Balanced Scorecard required reading list? I'd like to introduce the concept to a management team and want to give them something that's current, digestible, and appropriate.

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Personally, I find the following useful:

  • Having trouble with your strategy? Then map it? (HBR Article)
  • The Strategy-Focused Organization (HBSP Book)

I haven't read the "Idiot's Guide to the Balanced Scorecard" but if it's like other "Idiot's Guides," it could be helpful, too. (But I would keep this for you and not distribute it as "required reading.")

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There is a reading list on Performance Management and Balanced Scorecard on the 2GC web site. Look under Reading in the Performance Management Resource area.


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Gavin Lawrie

I would choose the Strategy Focused Organization Reader. This is a summary of the SFO book from Norton and Kaplan, and the articles in the reader are 5 years more current than the book.

Many of the articles from the Balanced Scorecard Report are also available at this site. This will allow you to get information relative to where you are in the BSC lifecycle.

You might also think about what type of organization you are. If you are a school district, there is a good BSC article in the Feb 2010 School Administrator magazine. I think there are 3-4 articles there.

If you are a bank or insurance company in risk management, Bob Kaplan has just written an article in HBR that takes that approach to strategy management.

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