What's the best way to integrate Balanced Scorecard and Strategic Planning?

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Hi Dylan

You may not want to. There is a common assumption that all Balanced Scorecards are intended to support the implementation of strategy, but this is not always the case. In our 2010 survey of Balanced Scorecard usage, we found that only 1/3 of Balanced Scorecards are used to manage strategy implementation. It is the biggest single use - but we found significant numbers of Balanced Scorecards are used for operational management, monitoring & evaluation, and payment of incentives.

However, if you do want to integrate the two, your best bet is to remember that Balanced Scorecard is a tool to help you implement strategy, not come up with strategy. So let the strategic planning process work as it does, and then work with Balanced Scorecard to find ways to manage the implementation of the plans created. Of course when you do this you may find / think that the strategic planning process is not good, and want to improve it - but that's not really anything to do with Balanced Scorecard itself.

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Hope this helps.

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Thanks. We see this a lot in our work, too. People often start out with strategy scorecards, but then quickly drill down into operational dashboards. I agree that there's a place for all of these, and as practioners, we should appreciate the differences between and use cases for each tool, even if they're all labeled "scorecard" to some extent.



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