What's the best way to integrate the Balanced Scorecard corporate performance management process with the employee performance management process? Seems to me that it makes sense for the two to be linked, but how?

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Corporate Performance Management is ultimately about triggering changes in organisational behaviour that result in improved performance. Yet organisational behaviour is the collective consequence of the behaviour of individuals. While much can be done at the organisational or corporate level – through decisions about investment priorities and such like, most improvements rely eventually upon one or more people choosing to change the way they carry out their work for their organisation.

2GC has written a management briefing that looks at the links between individual and corporate performance management – in particular at ways of aligning goals and incentives at the individual level with those of the organisation the individual is working with and for.

2GC has also published a case study that looks at the same issue - documenting work we did with a firm to align individual goals and rewards with the organisation's Balanced Scorecard.

Hope this helps.

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The bi-line from the very first book is "translating strategy into action"... aligning strategic objectives with processes and initiatives, through to team and individual accountabilities is critical to the effectiveness of any scorecard. There is a short YouTube that covers this concept that you can view by clicking here.

Over the years we have developed several approaches using different levels of sophistication to create that clear linkage. I explain it in section 5 this webinar...but basically one need only find out which processes are critical to the success of each strategic objective and then discover who owns that process or connection point. Adding to the model, one can find the same linkage with initiatives, add in role-clarity models to better describe the accountability type, allocate ownership to job families, etc. These other approaches can be found be searching for me on YouTube or at pm2Consulting.com.

A much more detailed webinar (about 40 minutes) that descibes how this works using some off-the-shelf HR software can be found by clicking here.

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