I took a "strategy management survey" asking this question as well as other interesting questions including whether you need a dedicated team to help manage and execute your strategy and at what levels in the organization is participation required (C-suite? Front-line employees?) Anyone have any ideas? I found the survey here: surveymonkey.com/s/strategymanagementsurvey

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2GC Active Management is a specialist performance management consultancy, with over a decade of experience helping organisations design and implement Balanced Scorecard based performance management systems. During that time we have worked for a wide range of non-profit, public sector and NGO clients.

Some years ago we wrote a research paper called "Improving public sector governance through better strategic management" which in passing considers how barriers to strategy implementation in such organisations could be lowered through the use of best-practice strategic performance management methods. You can find this paper in the 2GC Performance Management Resources Area, in the Research Papers section. Look for it under the "Balanced Scorecard Application" tab.

If you find this first paper interesting, you might also want to read a second, more recent paper called "Balanced Scorecard and Results-Based Management: Convergent Performance Management Systems" which looks at similarities between three different strategic Performance Management frameworks used within Public Sector organisations. Again, in the general discussion of these three models, the papers discuss their role in lowering barriers to strategy implementation - in the case of this paper looking at public sector and NGO organisations in particular. The paper can also be found in the research papers section of the resources area, look under the "Links to other frameworks" tab.

Hope you find this helpful.

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Gavin Lawrie

I have seen one of the challenges recently in governance. What I mean is that the governance system can be much more complicated in nonprofit organizations and associations. The board can get confused over what is their responsibility and what is the staff's responsibility.

There is not a common answer, but you have to have the discussion and work out the answer for your organization. The sooner you do that, the more effective your BSC framework will be.

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