Republican Rick Scott recently won the Gubernatorial (Governor) race in Florida. He has been using the term "Accountability in Budgeting" or in short, "Accountability Budgeting" in his platform. Is this related to the Balanced Scorecard? Strategic Management or Performance Management? And does this term have a more common name in the business world?

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Governor Richard Scott appears to be looking for metrics that show the effectiveness of every dollar budgeted in Tallahassee and then spent by the State of Florida.

A major area discussed in the campaign is the closing of Florida prisons. While this is a highly political discussion between the Florida Police Benevolent Association and the Scott Campaign - the current metrics say that Florida currently houses over 100,000 inmates at a cost of about $18,980 per year (down from 26254.45 reported in 2006). It would appear that Governer Scott's idea is to show how the money budgeted for prisoners is being spent, with the intention of making the entire system less expensive and more efficient for Florida citizens and taxpayers.

Other measures defined at include:

  1. $2.4 billion annual budget Florida Department of Corrections (FDOC)
  2. $1.5 billion to cover the annual salary of the 27,000+ FDOC employees
  3. $54,151 calculated total cost per FDOC employee
  4. $2.3 daily food cost per inmate

I believe the idea of using "Accountability Budgeting" means including performance metrics with each line item in the budget. So as the money is spent, results measurements are returned to the Governor and State Legislature in Tallahassee, Florida.

Not exactly sure if this is directly related the the Balanced Scorecard methodology, but using the Balanced Scorecard could ensure that the Governor's strategy is accurately measured and easily communicated back to the state government as as the citizens in Florida.

A related blog article is available here.

Does anyone else have more information?

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This is all I see about Accountability Budgeting on his website....

Click here to see the description on Governor Scott's Campaign website

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