Can anyone point me to a good library of measures that I can select from to build my Balanced Scorecard? We're in the real estate industry and I bet a lot of the measures that I would need for my scorecard are shared by others.

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Hi Emily, contains a user friendly library of well-documented performance measures. At the moment it lists over 3000 KPI examples, grouped in 73 functional areas, as well as 83 industries and sub-categories.

KPI examples for the real estate industry are available on this page: They include:

  • # Days on market for real estate properties
  • % Listing to sale price ratio
  • % Vacancy ratio
  • # Price-to-rent ratio
  • # Properties sold per real estate agent

In addition to examples of performance measures, also contains a catalogue of performance reports that illustrate the use of KPIs in practice.

Examples of such reports for the real estate industry are available on: The website is updated daily with new content, so check it from time to time for additional content.

Please note that while examples of performance measures are useful to inform decisions, each performance measure needs to be selected and customized based on the objectives and priorities of each organisation.

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Ophenia Liang

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I think sometimes you can have a challenge just looking for a library of measures. We have found them to be great in giving you some good ideas, but the actual measures you choose should be related to your strategy, not just your industry.

Thus, you may have a strategy that focuses on serving a fewer number of high dollar clients vs. a larger number of lower value clients. Depending on your strategy, it could determine how you advertize to get clients or how you price real estate to sell. These could create different measures.

On top of that you could have different targets based on your size, market, and overall performance.

I hope this helps.

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