My nonprofit organization spends a significant amount of time preparing fundraising campaigns and grant requests. While each campaign has a different target audience - could we use a Balanced Scorecard framework to better explain mission and how we deliver on it?

And if we show the strategic plan - with the linkages between initiatives and our performance measures - would potential funders be more likely to support our cause?

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Laura Chandler, Executive Director of the Southwest Alabama Workforce Development Council, recorded this podcast discussing her experience using the Balanced Scorecard for strategic planning, internal and external communication, and even for winning grant applications.

When implemented correctly, a Balanced Scorecard can definitely help a nonprofit / mission-driven organization win more funding for the good works they deliver.

Learn more about Laura's experience with the Balanced Scorecard by watching the video below. And, if you are interested in seeing her full presentation, be sure to signup for the Summit Mar 6-8, in Washington, DC here:

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