What role does leadership play in the scorecard? Do leaders need to be engaged in the process or just informed? Can it work without leadership involvement?

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In my experience, having implemented a number of scorecards, without buy in there is no scorecard.

For me the balanced scorecard is a holistic approach to strategically leading an organisation. Three key words holistic, strategic, leadership. By definition this implies that Senior managers have an absolutely critical role to play.

The Balanced scorecard is not merely just a dashboard of various KPIs, it is a way to identify linkages within an organisation, find deep root causes blocking success and realise potential so that a sustainable improvement can be achieved.

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I agree. You cannot implement a Balanced Scorecard within an organization if the leadership is not on board. The BSC is more than just a strategy management framework. To get value from it, you must review the results on a regular basis at the leadership team level. If the top executive in the organization is not interested or does not believe in the value, it will just become a data collecting exercise.

We have worked with an organization where the board wanted the implementation of the Balanced Scorecard, but the top executive did not. It was a battle during the entire process. While it did result in getting some key alignment about the strategy and key metrics for change, it is hard to imagine that the scorecard will be anything other than an annual report the to Board.

answered Jun 02 '11 at 13:02

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