I read something about Singapore's whole-of-government approach to the Balanced Scorecard and would like to see their strategy map, themes, objectives, and measures as well.

Can anyone point me to their site or more information about their process and results?

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Singapore's whole-of-government Balanced Scorecard is housed under a strategic planning and performance management initiative called "Public Service for the 21st Century" or "PS21" for short.

Singapore's equivalent of a strategy map with themes and objectives is located at: http://app.mof.gov.sg/wog_strategic_outcomes.aspx

They also have descriptions, analysis, and the latest data in charts for each of their themes and objectives posted here:

Theme 1: Sustainable Economic Growth Theme 2: Robust Social Security Theme 3: World-Class Environment and Infrastructure Theme 4: Secure and Influential Singapore Theme 5: Strong Families, Cohesive Society Theme 6: Effective Government

We have put together a full case study documenting their implementation and results. Please contact us at Ascendant Strategy Management Group for more information.

Cheers, Jeremy

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