Especially in organizations that have been around for a long time, there is often an embedded culture that is resistant to change. What are the best practices for breaking through this resistance? Does it look different depending on what level of the organization you are working with?

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I think one of the only ways to implement the BSC is with leadership support. You cannot implement the Balanced Scorecard without a leader driving the process. So, what happens in a culture that is resistant to change? They are typically resisting because they do not think that change is credible in their organization. They have found that resisting change may actually work.

One example that I heard about overcoming this was at the Mission-Driven Summit. The presenter was the Executive Director of an organization and had several individuals resisting the implementation of the BSC. She held her strategy review meetings and rewarded through positive comments and behavior, those leaders that had updated their information and were prepared for the meetings, and she shamed the resisters who left their information blank. This continued only one time, at the next board meeting, when the board also asked the resistors about why their information wasn't populated. The executive director turned to them to answer for their own failures.

This changed the culture of resistance and everyone got the message that the BSC was here to stay.

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