What criteria and feature sets should I be looking for when thinking about purchasing Balanced Scorecard Software?

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Jeremy S

Thanks for your question on Balanced Scorecard software requirements-

Balanced Scorecard software is an incredibly interesting field especially as more and more social and nonprofit sector organizations begin to utilize these powerful tools.

We recommend that every potential buyer should sample and demo a few alternatives to fully understand each systems capabilities and to build internal momentum behind implementing and using a new method of communication, collaboration, and management.

One option you might try is ClearPoint Strategy.

ClearPoint Strategy is a web-based balanced scorecard, dashboard, and performance management solution. ClearPoint has a highly effective US based support team that is eager to help you get started. We also offer a number of example templates to browse and can add your strategic plan, charts, or even add other users while you get comfortable using the software.

Visit us at: ClearPoint Strategy Management and Balanced Scorecard Software

Best of luck!

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I'd say the most important thing is to make sure the software is web-based. You also probably want it to work on newer devices like the iPad, so it shouldn't require Java or Flash browser plugins.

Beyond that, it's all personal preference. I'd recommend doing some google searches and seeing what's out there.

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There is an awful lot of software around that can be used to report Balanced Scorecard data - ranging from simple office software solutions (a very large number of people use Excel and Powerpoint for this purpose) through proprietary specialist Balanced Scorecard software through modules bolted on to most of the major large-scale enterprise software suites.

2GC has been active in the field of Balanced Scorecard design and implementation for over a decade, and has a good understanding of many of the software products on the market. Our conclusions from this exposure is that all the available solutions we've seen more than adequately handle the Balanced Scorecard reporting task, most in broadly similar ways. So if you are going to choose between them, the decision is based on other factors beyond basic functionality.

Because of this universal achievement of the basic functional requirements, most of the packages seek to differentiate themselves from the others by way of 'extra features'. For example, some packages link well with ERP systems, others include easy links to complex statistical analysis modules, others try to automate / facilitate strategic planning activities, others link strongly to HR management systems and so on. Another way of differentiating between packages is price - but in the main it is fair to say that these packages are pretty much always eye-wateringly expensive for what you get. Just think how many Balanced Scorecard related events you've been to that are sponsored by IT firms trying to sell you software... it strongly suggests the margins achieved for this software is pretty high. Finally, and critically, the products are differentiated by their technical configuration - some only run on some server systems, others are only available as 'cloud' products and so on.

Because of this indirect basis for choosing, it is pretty hard for anyone to recommend a specific product as being 'good' over all the others - beauty in this case really is in the eye of the beholder. But to help you with the process of choosing, 2GC has for many years maintained an online database of Performance Management software vendors who offer products that can be used to report Balanced Scorecard data. Currently we have about 100 products listed. For each product we offer summary information about the product (obtained as far as possible from the vendors themselves), along with information about where to find out more information and how to contact the vendor. The database is free to access, and can be found here (http://www.2gc.co.uk/resources-swdb).

For the avoidance of any doubt or confusion, let me also state that 2GC doesn't either sell or recommend any specific software product.

Best regards

Gavin Lawrie 2GC Active Management

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Gavin Lawrie

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